(Basically, this would be my exact reaction)

OK SUPER CUTE, but also a couple things - firstly being NOTICE HOW HE IS SITTING DOWN ON THE COUCH ARM AND HE’S STILL TALLER THAN HER. Like, google tells me that Dawn French is five feet and I say ahaha no maybe 4’11” on her tippy toes. Which means like, literally sixteen inches height difference. DAWN FRENCH I LOVE YOU FOR SO MANY REASONS, BUT I LOVE YOU FOR PICKING THE HOTTIE FROM NORTH & SOUTH TO BE YOUR HUSBAND and then not realizing you’d need like stilts just to kiss him. You live the life we all aspire to.

And second, I can’t even handle how he starts fucking giggling in that fourth gif. There’s a moment in the scene just before this where she says yes to marrying him and he makes literally the most hilarious meeping sound of joy.

In short, I seriously wish there’d been an entire season just of these two being married and arguing over tax write-offs (she probably deducts everything and he’s like FOR A VICAR YOU ARE NOT A VERY HONEST PERSON and then she distracts him with her boobs) and him whamming his head on every lintel in her house and having to deal with the fact that he married a woman who’s already married to an entire village.

Oh my god this made my day.

The Hobbit Cast: Dean, Richard, & Aidan x|x|x


”A strain of madness runs deep in that family. His grandfather lost his mind, his father succumbed to the same sickness.

Can you swear Thorin Oakenshield will not also fall?”